Tourism Enterprise Network™: As our business events activities expanded beyond the conference walls, we saw an exciting opportunity to link up with other professional tourism entrepreneurs around the country to establish a platform for collaboration so we can seamlessly offer high-quality sightseeing experiences to our international and domestic conference and business guests. Thus was the Tourism Enterprise Network™ born, with a simple vision to pioneer a “one-stop” tourism brand driven by SMEs and connecting our guests to world-class tourism experiences across South Africa and southern Africa and spreading tourism benefits to host communities. Through the Network, guests are exposed to unique and authentic tourism experiences beyond the well-trodden tourism nodes. For more information visit

The NetWealth™: As a firm whose origins are in entrepreneurship and SME promotion, creating conditions for wealth creation through business creation and growth has always been a core focus of our operations. Over the years, as we have interacted with countless entrepreneurs across the country, we have become aware of the importance of focusing the attention of entrepreneurs and business owners not only on wealth creation but also on wealth management, preservation, and growth. Thus, in 2015 we undertook our very first study entirely focused on this topic, titled Entrepreneur Wealth Management: Perspectives and Practices (presentation on the results of the study is available as a free download). The NetWealth™ is one of the key outcomes of this seminal study, established as a platform to connect entrepreneurs and individuals interested in all aspects of wealth with professionals and firms active in the field with the aim of increasing knowledge about and improving practices of wealth management among this key target group.

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The NetWealth™ is organising the first ever NetWealth™ Cruise Funference™ at the beginning of 2018. Departing from Durban, this memorable cruise will take delegates to exciting destinations in Mozambique, offering unmatched fun, great connections and networking, and personal empowerment on all aspects of wealth through knowledge sessions delivered by experts in the field. Don’t miss it.

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